Steam Trains And Historical Buses on The Isle of Wight

The Isle Of Wight can often seem to be a bit of a time capsule and it is! The people who live here and those who visit are lucky because some much heritage has been preserved. While the Isle of Wight is mostly associated with ships, boats and yachts, it is also home to a bus museum and a railway museum that feature exhibits of modes of transportation from times gone by that have been preserved and kept in impeccable condition.

Isle of Wight Bus & Coach Museum

If you are into any form of motor transportation, or you just enjoy the beauty of old vintage vehicles, then a visit to the Isle of Wight Bus & Coach Museum is definitely in order. The museum which opened in 1997 can be found on Park Road in Ryde. It originally opened in Newport, but later relocated to its new location.

The museum is a charitable institution and it is managed and staffed exclusively by volunteers, which means that a donation can go a long way! If you are in the Isle of Wight at the right time of the year, there are also bus rallies which bring people together to drive buses around town.

Isle of Wight Steam Railway

This place is another one that should interest those who love history and transport. The museum can be found at Wootton Station. It is also great for kids because it is a living steam railway, meaning that you can get on an actual steam locomotive and take a ride through the original trails around the Isle of Wight.

It is run by volunteers and the regular services are run in the summer months when the bulk of visitors head to the Isle of Wight. The station itself remains largely the same as it did back in the bygone steam era.

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